We had the pleasure of having a quick Q and A with Red Bull Sound Select artist Basecamp before their show last night at The 1up – Colfax with Catch Lungs and araabMUZIK. Hope you had as much fun as we did!

SIA: How long have you been involved with Red Bull Sound Select?
Basecamp: If memory serves, it’s been about a year now?
What’s your favorite thing about being a part of RBSS?
Probably the opportunity it provides us with. They’ve opened a lot of doors and provided resources we couldn’t get our hands on. They’ve been amazing with us.

Nashville is known as the “music city”, but that reputation was established in large part because of country and rock n roll. Does that make it more challenging for an electronic artist to make a name for themselves there, or does the fact that you’re from such a well-respected music city give you an advantage?
That’s a tricky one to answer. It was definitely difficult for the first while. There was no real scene for what we were doing, but Nashville has changed pretty rapidly over the last couple years, so it’s been interesting seeing how that’s affected our following here and elsewhere.
You guys play both live sets as well as DJ sets, right? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?
We haven’t done too many DJ sets yet, but it’s always really fun. There’s almost 0 pressure, which is probably the biggest advantage. Performing live is completely different. There’s more pressure, but I think it’s way more rewarding than DJing. It’s a much bigger release.
You guys classify your sound as “electronic”, yet it’s very eclectic and original, and you play live sets as well. Would you say that we’re moving in a direction where the line between “electronic” and other genres is fading, and eventually it will be the norm for most artists to use some element of “electronic” in their production?
I think that’s already the norm. We love electronic music, and we would definitely place that general label on our music, but we don’t really think about it when we’re in the studio creating. We just do what we feel.
Have you played Denver before? If so, what’s been your favorite thing about playing here? If not, what are you most excited about?
We’ve never played Denver, but we’re very excited to! We’ve heard nothing but great things.