If there’s one thing we definitely understand here at Souls In Action, it is the importance of having a solid network of friends, family, collaborators and supporters when trying to accomplish just about anything these days. This is particularly true when it comes to making music, art or attempting just about anything creative. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new blog column, “Collectively Speaking,” which aims to shine a light on some of the hottest, most innovative collectives and boutique record labels. These are groups that prefer a “strength in numbers” approach to music and, in doing so, are changing the way artists create, collaborate and share their work. The age of single producers and superstar DJs seeking individual glory is fading away; the age of the squad mentality is just getting started.



What better way to kick off our new feature than by showcasing one of the most forward-thinking and prolific collectives (not to mention one of my personal favorites) in the game today: Moving Castle Collective. Whether you are familiar with the collective as a whole or just a few of its individual contributors like Jai Wolf, Manila Killa or AO Beats, this group of young, hungry, likeminded artists is doing things 100 percent right.


Like most other crews, it’s not really possible to fit Moving Castle into a particular genre. Although the sound of dreamy future bass, tastefully rolling trap beats, sensual RnB grooves and hip-hop samples has become somewhat of a signature across most of the group’s productions. After listening for a while, the ears begin to recognize the Moving Castle sound immediately, establishing the collective’s unique yet mercurial identity. Individually, each artist in this squad is doing some exciting things in the studio, but together they are an unstoppable creative force, pumping out glorious compilations and collaborations for days.


In the past year alone, Moving Castle has pumped out four amazing compilations, which are generously given away for free. Each compilation spans an impressive genre spectrum, giving little tastes of this and that sound, showing just how powerful a collaborative approach to electronic music can be. On top of the compilations, the collective and its individual pieces has completely invaded the “Guest Mix” circuit, cranking out sets for a slew of blogs and radio shows, while also making their presence known at festivals like Counterpoint and SXSW among others.

MCV3By all accounts Moving Castle doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon—quite the contrary actually. As it continues to grow and create, take some time getting to know Moving Castle Collective as well as the artists that make it up. Take a peek at the roster below and delve into Moving Castle Vol. 1-4 (streaming in the header)and more mixes than you can shake an ass to on MCC’s Soundcloud page. Don’t forget to keep up with the Collective on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and most importantly spread the word and show your support!


Moving Castle’s Artist Roster
Jai Wolf
Manila Killa
Hunt For the Breeze
Dirty Chocolate
Kappa Kavi
Yung Wall Street
Dugong Jr.
Mark Johns
Chet Porter
Cat Moop

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