Greetings! Bonjour! Guten tag! Buenas dias! And every other manner of good day to you my friends! Mother of God am I tired! How are you feeling? How’s your Auntie Myrtle? She still recovering from that Humpback Whale lassoing class? A full recovery? Stupendous! Well, let’s get into it shall we?

Another week, another weekend! How was your reprieve from the M-F grindstone? (double entendre, get it?) Did you have fun? What did you get into? Hopefully something a lot more entertaining than myself! Gadzooks, is it Friday yet!?

I am kidding of course. That’s just a silly question. Absurd, really. Who even asks that?

Obviously we all want it to be Wednesday! But not tomorrow, no. No thank you. That would be the last Wednesday before finals week. I want to cry. If I go back to bed will someone wake me up in 15 days?

Unfortunately it is just Tuesday. Albeit an incredibly sunny but oddly brisk and aggravatingly windy Tuesday. Only twenty minutes ago I was nearly blown off the sidewalk into a head on collision with one of the Free Mall Rides on 16th street! Mother Nature can be a terrifying mistress indeed.

Earlier today I was informed by my brother who is driving in from D.C. that westbound I-70 out near Kansas is closed because someone was blown over driving in a dust storm. Is this the real life?

But I digress! Onto business. Tomorrow, Wednesday April 30th, is exactly two weeks away from the inaugural ride of the 2014 Denver Bike Night! We are getting closer and closer to the zaniest party on two wheels in the entire world! And it lasts 20 weeks! As you can probably tell, I am incredibly excited. The photo for this weeks post is of the bicycle I ride on the reg.

As many of you are now aware, Wednesday nights in Denver have officially (no joke) acquired a new name. The departure from the unofficial moniker of Denver Cruiser Ride occurred last year on May 15th; spurned by the intrepid efforts of the Cruisers community, Mayor Hancock proclaimed Wednesday nights between May 15th and September 25th to henceforth be known as Denver Bike Night!

The process was long and tedious, and involved no small amount of effort by many individuals who are working simply for the love of the cause. As stated on the Cruisers homepage, “it has included meetings with members of Denver’s City Council, numerous city agencies, programming a coordinated safety campaign with the Denver Police Department, as well the involvement of Denver’s bike advocacy groups.” The man hours put into this project to create a citywide event from scratch is absolutely mind boggling considering nothing in life is free, including this event!

Denver Bike Night is a community organized, community driven project that costs real man hours and even some green (or Monopoly money now I guess). While the coordinators of the event are thrilled to provide a weekly gathering for the citizens of Denver it should go without saying that someone has to pay for the logistics of the extravaganza at the end of the day.

“Uh oh! Does that mean I will need to be pay to join in the festivities? I need milk money for lunch tomorrow so I am not sure I can come!”

No, no, no dear reader. Your milk money is safe, just be sure to avoid the bully or have a witty comeback ready to confuse the beast when he insults your Pokemon lunch box (which is hella fly beeteedubs).

Take a seat and let me lay it down for you. The DCR organizers have always envisioned Denver Bike Night to be a free gathering and do not plan on changing that at any point in time. They have adamantly stated that selling out and corporatizing is not an option. “While accusations of us being corporate whores have been tossed around by naysayers and pessimists as long as we can remember, it has never detoured us from sharing with you what that this 20-week party has become…” As you can see the DCR crew is vehemently in support of the community itself and care not for the greed of man.

What does this mean for you, the rider? In essence, nothing! The Denver Bike Night has been and will continue to be a free gathering for you to join. In reality? It simply means that Denver Bike Night is a non-profit congregation financed by you, and by me, and by everyone else who attends.

Denver Cruisers and the Denver Bike Night are funded by the community and, “each year [they] carefully select a few sponsors to help [them] offset the cost of hosting [their] weekly bike parties.” Sponsors this year include several biking companies, The Denver Theater District, CAR2GO, and Denver On The Rocks. According to their website as of today (Tuesday April 29th 2014) there are still a few spots left for sponsorship opportunities. This is already the largest weekly bicycle party in the world and there’s no saying how much more momentum this event will gain. Companies and individuals interested in sponsoring this project can reach the DCR team through their Facebook (for now).

While sponsorship is one way to help the cause, individuals can donate directly to the DCR team and get a sick Denver Cruiser Ride plate in the process! Each year the plates have a different theme. Last years plate was an incredibly sick AC/DC themed black and white mock up. Cruiser nights started in 2005 with 13 people and gained momentum from there but the plates were not officially available until 2008. The 2014 DCR plate is not yet available for purchase but stay tuned if you’re interested in helping out this amazing event (and to get the sick plate, duh).

Sometime within the last week the site was updated to a newer, smoother, much more stylish design. Some of the kinks of the new iteration might not be completely ironed out yet but if you have the time you should definitely check it out.

The site contains many helpful items for those both new and old to the party. There are a few sections I urge you to take a peek at as they contain a lot of useful information. Near the top of the page you can find links to the Themes for 2014, “How We Roll” which is basically like the DCR commandments, “Where to Start” which is pretty self explanatory, and “Bike Safety #1” also self explanatory. I will go into a little bit more detail for each of these sections in my posting next week!

Until then my friends, I bid you Adieu!

P.S. In case anyone wasn’t aware, there is an epic battle raging on Capitol Hill in Washington right now for the sanctity of our freedom on the web. If you care about open net neutrality please take the time to at least read a bit about what is going on. Visit this link to get informed and visit this link to sign the petition to help secure our virtual freedom.