Cruise Control: Package Delivery

Denver Bike Night this Wednesday the 18th was one of the best nights I have had in Recent memory. Join me, fair people, as  I recount a tale of yonder days. A tale full of dragons and heros, knights and maidens fair, angels, kings,  samurais, and maybe even a nudist or two.

The theme of the night was Bubblewrap, Duct Tape, and Cardboard.

The night started out a little frantically. I found myself waking up from a nap around 5pm. I’d planned to spend the day creating something fitting to adorn myself with whilst attending the festivities. After realizing the time and hurriedly showering by dousing myself with Old Spice I set to work making my attire. I am actually quite impressed with the fantastic top-hat I was able to construct in the little time I had left to work. I’d planned on leaving by 7pm to meet some new people at The Ginn Mill but didn’t make it out the door till 8:30. My friend who was supposed to accompany me was being a bit of a crybaby about the overcast weather and light hail that was falling in his area. What a whiny child right? I mean it’s JUST hail.

He finally arrived to my house just to tell me that he didn’t even bring his bike to come with me. In the time I spent waiting for him I managed to fashion an incredibly ugly and crude vest of duct tape and cardboard. In hindsight I really should’ve just worn the top-hat because that vest was unwieldy, ugly, and caused me to tip over once or twice. Lesson learned though!

After arriving at The Ginn Mill I had just about 20 minutes until the platoon of inebriated cyclists left the bar to take over the streets of Denver. I only got a couple of worthwhile photos since it’s pretty hard to get the auto-focus of my camera to work in low light conditions. I did run into a friend of mine who shoots for Westword Magazine and he had a laugh when he saw me in my getup. He offered me a tip and said that (as a photographer) unless the costume is a piece of cake to wear it’s better to just go in normal clothing. Having bulky garb can easily make you miss taking a good shot.

Once the ride leader blew the whistle and people began to file out I took notice of how few riders there were compared to two weeks ago when the weather was nicer. But I still think it is pretty incredible that they ride each week rain or shine.

The cadre of cardboard crusaders rode through downtown Denver, up into Cap Hill for a bit and then finally arrived to the meet up at The Funky Buddah at 7th and Lincoln. There were already a couple hundred people by the time I got there. I immediately set about mingling with the crowd and got as many photos of the zany costumes people came up with as I could. I think my favorite set of costumes were the group of friends dressed up as various Mario Kart characters. They pulled it off really well and it was incredibly amusing trying to get the right photo of them.

I met and spoke with one of the organizers of the Denver Bike Night and he was quite enthusiastic about my help with coverage of the night. I didn’t manage to meet too many new people and speak with any one single person at length but it was loads of fun regardless. In future rides I will try and focus on actually making new friends as well as covering the event.

I managed to pop inside The Funky Buddah for a couple more photos before I needed to leave but all in all it was an incredibly fun ride. 10/10 can’t wait to do it again.

I had to leave around 11pm to make it up to the 1Up Colfax for the weekly Re:Up Wednesdays. I will be writing up a separate blog piece for that little escapade as soon as I can. The show featured Robot Koch and Patrick Lee Official. It was a pretty awesome show so look forward to that blog and some of the great photographs I managed to grab later that night!

And now I bid you Adieu! I am off to the Westword Music Showcase. Hopefully I see some of you there!