Are you sitting by a pool with an umbrellaed cocktail in hand?  No?  How about sitting at your desk wishing you were?  Well in either case have I got just the ticket for you on this sunny hump day, in the form of SIA Collective artist Andy Immerman’s newest ‘Time Capsule Mix’ this one’s #28!

Clearly Andy has been wowing us for quite some time now with his immaculately selected mixes.  He’s gone poolside  vibe heavy on this one to help get us through these dog days.  With some of my favorites from the likes of Kygo, jackLNDN and Hot Since 82, and a host of others that’ll likely be fresh to your ears, this mix is not going to disappoint.

So wether you’re sitting poolside or deskside tune on into this mix and enjoy one of the best mixes to come out of the mile high!  Worst come to worst you’ll be an hour closer to the end of work by the time it’s done.