From the city that houses the heart of our nations political system Washington D.C., comes a booming voice for change. No, not from the Senate floor, yeah right, (Shoutout to Elizabeth Warren though) from the streets, from the people things truly effect. This voice belongs to Poet/Rapper/Teacher Karega Bailey.

Now, sheltered soccer mom’s from… let’s just pick a couple of random places like maybe, Clayton, Missouri or Guilford, Maryland may (or may not) see the title of this song and think “Great, more devil music from thugs who want to rob me and kill whitey.” No. Incorrect Bethany. This track is an introspective look at crime. What determines a crime, who does it pay, and who pays the price? Karega’s intelligence is quite apparent in his art and the only thing he’s killing is this beat.

On this track, Karega drops knowledge covering current events, and studied wisdom’s of past lessons over some driving snares and super nice DJ cuts, pay attention to the samples, they speak volumes in themselves. Crime Pays is the second official video, following the recent release of “Sunny Days,” from Karega’s forthcoming album entitled Peace King…coming soon.


Karega peace king mural