Central Florida’s ChadAttack is an eclectic artist with a minimalist, yet lavish, Cool Kids type vibe mixed with a little bit of a Childish Gambino or Earl Sweatshirt flair. While Chad does keep it authentic on his main focus, the rhymes, he also skates, and has a creative eye for directing and producing his own videos.

Hot off the heels of his April video release for “Sick“, Chad is back with his brand new self directed video for the visionary love track “I Did This On Acid” (Above). We recently got a chance to catch up ChadAttack to ask him about his crew, skating, and inspiration…exclusively for Souls In Action…


What are some things or events that have inspired you to write a song?

Things that can inspire me to write a song is however I feel in the current situation. Sometimes the beat alone can totally influence my vibe and mood and make my mind backtrack to an event or situation and I am able to describe how I felt about it on the beat. It was funny because literally last week, I was chilling in the with my homie AKF and we usually smoke and drive late at night on this long ass road in our town by the water late at night and one of our friends started playing the beat for “I Did This On Acid” (the newest single I just dropped) and Idk I have a really introspective ass mind so I was totally just going through memories of this chick and shit so it was like something I felt and I could write out how i felt you know what i mean? You gotta really feel the beat first because that is what music is all about.

How does your skating and your music influence each other?

I gravitated to skateboarding as a kid just because of how independent the culture was. There was this little skatepark across the street from my house where I would go chill at where I meet Hector Roman(a talented ass artist, and dude who was skating in the “sick video”). Along with my friend Cody. There were no coaches or anyone yelling down your ass and no competition, everyone in the culture and environment really fucked with everyone, Even if you weren’t good at skating, it was fun to just come to the park and forget about the rest of the world and other responsibilities. In school I never was into sports especially being a suburban black youth its something different because the societal expectations of us in that sandbox are totally warped so seeing someone like me skating instead of having a basketball gave alot of kids mixed opinions of me, In general I have always been an independent person I always believe in people doing things and thinking for themselves in general not because you are expected to fit into a stereotype, so music was that place for me to go and be myself, say whatever the fuck I wanted and be what i can be. Being an artist and a creative thats what I need a space for me to be free expressive.




What do you look for in a beat?

I just have to feel it. Being a musician you can know if you don’t vibe with a beat that shit is not going to work out.

Tell us about the Legit State Of Mind Crew?

It’s a collective of artist and musicians I put together. It’s cool because we all come from different socio-economic backgrounds and cultures so we all present different things with out music. At first it was me and AKF he straight up gives no fucks lol he reminds me of EM in his Slim Shady days you should listen to his song “Elizabeth”. Then I ended up meeting HarryVicious and putting him in, he is literally one of the most savage ass UK rappers I have ever heard of especially on that “Ares” track I never heard anything like him before. Next Branden-Da-Grizzly I see him making major moves, ever since I heard him snap on that “Fix” verse on my first project I was like alright I see shit in this dude. Another person is Skipp Santora, he is a pretty bitch but he snaps especially on “Mindless” that is my favorite track with him and he progressed that well in a matter of weeks from ur first song “In A Dream”. Last but not least “Malcolm B. Good-Kid” this dude is like Lil Wayne on steroids g-shit whenever I make a track with him it is always going to be something that blows shit out of the water. We all are unique and different as fuck so most people can gravitated to any of the members in the collective.

Where can we keep up with your music and what’s next?

You can follow me on Soundcloud @ChadAttack, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Chadisorad. I created a site that also posts songs and photos of my crew at legitstateofmind.com. I am just creating singles atm, I have an album that I have created that I am keeping tucked away which i am saving for when the time is right, but until then stay tuned.