Austin-based lyricist, Thelonious Love is putting the art back in the art form. Prolific, poetic, and passionate, Theo’s music and poetry runs a myriad of emotion, although not always super serious, he does speak with purpose. If you google his new EP “No Other Love Alive,” after several write up’s and projects the next result is, Vincent van Gogh – Wikipedia. That’s never happened to me while researching an artist.  He also does a dead on reenactment of a 1964 interview of Malcolm X by CBS anchor Mike Wallace as seen in his brand new video “Though They Try” (above). Artistically he’s very different from your average rapper.

Just released from Jurnt Entertainment, Theo’s  11- track art explosion “No Other Love Alive” features sirens Star Amerasu and Summer Wiebe on vocals along with live percusion by Kevin Hoetger. With tracks like, “I’m a Warrior”, “You Can’t Stop Positive”, and “We Will Rise”, this project leaves you on an uplifting high and a good headspace.

A man of many talents he cut his teeth on auditorium and theatrical stages. He has proven to excel in a variety of forms including songs, paintings, writings, dance, drama, photography, carpentry, crafts, love, and…Love. Since relocating to Austin, he has only gotten stronger as an artist, creating a unique, triangular melding of styles from Austin, Houston, and New Orleans. With the vibrancy of a graffiti bomb he brings style, grace and direction to a community that has been looking for its next step.

Also check out “Paint Me A Playwright for the LOVE Revolution,” featuring art by Faures Rathbone, to get a more comprehensive feel of what Thelonious Love is about. It’s not on the new EP, but I had to post this.