Tender, tranquil, and even a tad groovy – Frameworks captivates listeners through downtempo sounds with hypnotic lyrics. Mesmerizing us with soft, classical sounds in a variety of tracks and organic house sounds that meet funk in others. It’s quite clear that Frameworks is for any type of music listener from the classical jazz fanatic to the low-key, ambient listener, and to the hip-hop devotee. The United States is in for a treat this year as Manchester-based performer and producer, Matthew Brewer, launches his Spring tour this week along with some major festival dates.

With his second album on the way (‘KINGS’), get to know Frameworks through this q&a where he shares what festivals he’s looking forward to and how he goes about creating sounds in the studio.

Don’t miss Frameworks when he come to Colorado on 5.3 at Cervantes’ Other Side and 5.5 at The Fox Theatre


You have a lot of great shows and big time festivals line up, congrats on that. Do you get any pre-show jitters when performing in front of large crowds? 

Thanks! Yeah, there’s always a certain amount of nerves before I play any show. I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘natural’ performer so I try to keep myself fairly busy on stage. In a way I find the actual performance aspect easier in front of a larger crowd as there’s just that bit more energy and I guess it can be less intimate.

What festival are you looking forward to and any artists playing at them you’d like to catch?

I’m looking forward to Lightning in a Bottle, Oregon Eclipse, and Shambhala as I’ve never been to any of them. There is a great festival scene here in the US and it’s really great to see so much care and attention going into the production. Regarding who I wanna catch at each:

Lightning in a Bottle – Bonobo, Machinedrum, Edit, Fakear and IHF

Oregon Eclipse – Emancipator, Random Rab, Tor, Clozee,  Om Unit, Quantic.

Shambhala – Dilated Peoples, Jai Wolf, LTJ Bukem, Maribou State, Phaeleh, Pedestrian, Lapa, JFB.

What was touring with Emancipator like?

It was a real pleasure. Doug is one of the most humble and unassuming people I’ve met. I was a fan of his music before I got the opportunity to release with Loci and tour with him so it was a great experience.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming album, ‘Kings’? How will it differ from your previous album?

Kings has been written in the last year apposed to Tides which was written over a much longer time period so it definitely reflects my head space during that year.

Your downtempo beats are delicate and memorizing but also incorporate some unexpected, fun, jazzy horns and a mix of house style like music. Where do you get your inspiration from and who inspires you to create such a peculiar blend of these sounds?

I listen to a lot of music and just draw inspiration from what I’m listening to as well as my surroundings and what’s going on in my life at the time. I use a lot of live instrumentation in my music so I think that definitely gives it colour. With regards who inspired me, I’ve been listening to a lot of Maribou State recently. Their drum work and attention to detail is incredible. 

What all goes into making your lush and rhythmic tracks? Instruments, effects, other tools? 

I used to be a drummer so I tend to play a lot of the rhythmic parts in myself. I have a plethora of little percussive instruments and things to bang in my studio so I tend to layer a lot of organic sounds into my drum tracks. Don’t really have any specific tools or effects I use on a regular basis as much as just the sounds I use. Big fan of recording wood sounds and getting them in there.

Any collaborations you dream about?

Would love to work with James Blake and also Jamie Woon. Both incredible artists. 

Being from the UK, what’s something you find weird/funny that us Americans do or say?

“I got you!” First time I heard that I was like what does he mean?! It’s a nice little phrase, I like it! 

Name something we have in the states that’s not in the UK and something in the UK that’s not in the States:

I like the choice! Like stopping at a garage/gas station and seeing lines upon lines of fizzy drinks that we don’t have in the UK! I Like. It’s pretty weird walking into a supermarket an seeing guns for sale…

And I don’t think you guys have Sausage Rolls! Haha