With the first Middle Lands festival around the corner, Chrissy and I are giving you some must see artists to put on your list.


Big Wild

Big Wild made “waves” after popular song “Aftergold” came to light and there is only bigger waves coming for him. Big Wild is apart of Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective and last year opened up for the duo at Red Rocks Amphiteathre. This humble artists hopes to educate and inspire people through whatever that might be and not just through his catchy electronic beats. As he tour The US this Spring, don’t miss his stop at this festival on Saturday for an epic dance party.

Space Jesus

Get into outer space with this set. Space Jesus‘ sound or should I say sounds are like nothing you’ve ever heard. Bass and experimental IDM fans alike will rage this set for sure. A close collaborator with the likes of Minnesota and Dirt Monkey Space Jesus’ sets are a journey.


Bonobo recently released his sixth album, Migration. “Music is a reflection of life” the British producer said. Listeners can tell throughout the album and other various works that his sounds are lush, manic, joyful, and beautiful. Come slow it down a notch on Sunday when he performs his live set.

Alison Wonderland

Let’s hear it for the ladies! Few and far between at this festival so make sure to come out for what’s sure to be one of the most fun sets of the festival.  House music with this Alison Wonderland‘s energy and twist is always a full on dance party. Stay for the whole set and I’m sure you’ll hear the two remixes she swapped with Lido who’s also playing the festival the same day.


Artists just want to fun too! Okay, well all artists do but Ekali loves joining the audience in his performances. This Vancouver native has two credits on Drake’s If Your Reading This It’s Too Late and attended the Red Bull Music Academy where he learned to collaborate with all kinds of musicians around the world in several workshop classes. The electronic producer can give credit for his passion in music to a 4th grade teacher for gifting him a violin – which he stopped playing but went on to learn guitar and other instruments. Join Ekali in the upbeat performance on Saturday.

Christian Martin

So stoked to see Dirty Bird represented on this lineup. Two words: Booty Bass. Christian Martin‘s a master, and his sets are always so much fun. Not sure how warmed up he’ll be with a festival time slot but always worth seeing what he can do with what he’s got!


Known for creating some of the defining sounds and biggest tracks of early house, MK has worked with international artists from Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z to Rihanna and Beyonce. After leaving the house scene in 1996, now 20 years later, MK is back and better than ever with house bangers that steal the spotlight. You must catch this rising Underground artist on Sunday.


Trap lovers get your arms up! Falcons is the truth. His mixing skills and song choice are always top notch for a rowdy festival set. Not to mention his production skills make the original tracks go just as hard. He collabs with everyone from Ekali to Goldlink there might even be some surprise guests! Get your crunk on for this set.

Sirus Hood

Sirus Hood emits an infectious energy of enjoyment on the dance floor. Never one to shy away from a show to a knowing crowd, his work ethic is second to none. Growing up in Paris, he always dreamt playing music as if it were going to Disneyland and now he’s touring the world along side Dirtybird Record artists (like Sacha Robotti and stopping at festivals along the way. Let Sirus Hood light up your Friday night.

Rae Sremmurd

Nice to see these guys get in the mix of this mostly EDM festival along with Danny Brown. Everyone knows Rae Sremmurd‘s huge hits and their set is sure to be each one back to back, making for a rowdy sing along. With all those big hits and the young age of these brothers it’s surprising to say but these guys are performers and will put on a great set, including the possibility of drenching the stage in cognac and sliding around in their Jordan’s. Don’t miss it.