By, Devin Taylor

On Christmas day, one of hip-hop’s most consistent and dynamic duos granted fans with a Christmas Miracle as Killer Mike and El-P released their third album “RTJ3”. Fans and music critics such as SPIN, Pitchfork and the Chicago Tribune claimed the duo was now 3 for 3 with the Run The Jewels series. 

In celebration of the album’s release, RTJ chose 12 US cities to host an official RTJ3 listening party at various record stores this past Friday. Denver local record shop, Twist and Shout, was one of the 12 fortunate locations chosen to host.  And since you can’t pass up the opportunity to jam out with other fans to the riotous sounds of RTJ3, SIA writer Devin Taylor was present and all ears.

January 13, when the clock struck 3 pm, fans young and old slowly filed in to enjoy the illustrious production and eyebrow raising lyrics of the new album over the store’s high-quality speakers. Alongside the music, fans were able to purchase a physical copy of the album in CD or vinyl and could also enter a raffle contest for exclusive Run The Jewels merch (shirts, posters, chains, vinyl, comics). 

After the album played in full, the party dwindled to a close. Fans walked out with vinyls, cd’s, and some cool prizes from the contest. Devin was lucky enough to be a 3rd place winner and receive some dope Run The Jewels goodies. Twist and Shout records most certainly is a proper for a listening party for such a great album.

You can download “RTJ3” for free on the band’s website, stream it on spotify or support and purchase on iTunes. Plus, don’t miss Run The Jewels live at the Fillmore, February 11th, Devin will surely be there