In an industry where innovation has become a survival tactic, one band is emerging with a futuristic style and a one of a kind sound. Meet Denver’s own – SkyLaw; led by married lead vocalists Layne and Reve Kalell, the band’s line up also consists of Nema Sobhani (Guitar) and Erik Martin (Drums, Piano). Self-sufficient and eager to make some noise, you can feel their genuine energy in each song.

Souls In Action is proud to premiere the band’s debut single and video “Into The Light.” We asked vocalist Reve Kalell to tell us a little more about this exciting event.

What does “Into The Light” mean to you guys?

With all of the negativity in the world right now, it was important for us to be a positive change of pace with this first single. From the song to the video itself, making people smile was our primary objective.

What’s coming up for the band?

We have 2 more music videos set to be released this summer, a futuristic fashion line debuting in the fall, and a handful of events across the country. We are also constantly involved in community outreach and social activism


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