Taylor has been with SIA for a year and has been our rock. Everything you see SIA do on Social Media is because of her. She also crushes marketing for SOCO clubs and has awesome taste in music. Check out her additions to the Sounds of Souls playlist!

Better Give U Up – FKJ 

Groovy and soulful. What else is there to say? I just cannot stop moving to the new French Kiwi Juice Album. This is the first track he’s showcased his vocals – they are so gentle and lovely. So many feels when I play “Better Give U Up”. The whole ‘French Kiwi Album’ is pure and truly unlike anything else out right now. Other favorite tracks: “Joy” and “Lying Together”





Love Someone Else – Nicole Moudaber x Skunk Anasie 

Can we just talk about how amazing Nicole Moudaber is?! A female killing it in the house/techno scene AND is a record label founder (Moon Records), event promoter, radio host, and an all round, gorgeous, badass! I love women in the music industry especially ones that do it all. This song is deep and dark. So good to move to.






Days Gone By – Bob Moses 

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Bob Moses. These Vancouver babes are pretty mellow but they know how to put on a show. Like that Red Rocks set before M83. The duo’s work is usually a moody attitude which is clear on this track with the quirky production. I really dig their vocals.. it’s all kind of smoothing especially for electronic/house music. I think I like this track so much because it reminds me of Darkside (please reunite). I’m anxious to see what they come up with next as this album, ‘Days Gone By’, was released in late 2015.



White Rhino – Templo 

I love getting lost in this track. It’s mysterious like you’re getting lost into a different world, trying to be pulled back to reality but you don’t wanna leave. Downtempo beats with some serious funky wobbles. I love to play this as I either fall asleep or just catch up on some emails.






Tear My Heart – Moon Boots ft. Lulu James
This track is all about doing what makes you happy and sticking with it. If it makes your heart feel good, do it! Just go for it. The vocals are passionate with textured melodies making it both a chill and energetic track. Put your headphones on, go hike, and do a summit dance to this gem.