This weeks Spotify playlist update is from our founder, LuLu Clair, who also so happens to be honored on the Alternative Power 100 Music List. LuLu started Souls In Action for the idea that something good can come out of live music such as benefit shows and simply just giving artists the chance to express themselves. If you haven’t noticed on our blog and socials we write and share things that are important happening not only in the country but around the world. We are activists here to spread the word. We are not a record label or booking agency, we are a movement in the music industry. As you listen to LuLu’s current 5 favorite tracks, find out why she digs them:

1) Bonzai – “Where Are U Now” – Sleepy Hungry EP 
This song, is everything. It feels like a combination of all the best aspects of future/alternative RnB with a DnB style bass line – it’s just a song you can easily have on repeat. I first found Bonzai on “what if I go by mura masa” and then she came up on a Triple J Hitlist and was thrilled when the “Sleepy Hungry” EP came out. Definitely worth listening to the whole thing.
2) Kwamie Liv – “Perfect Grace” – Single 
This song is so simple and so powerful. Once that bass-line comes in you’re totally hooked. I have a feeling this guitar plucking song-bird is about to make a BIG splash. She’s a 360 creative – writes, plays, directs her own music videos… very excited to see what comes next from Kwamie Liv.
3) Isaac Delusion – “How Much (You Want Her)” – Single 
All I can say for this one is… DISCO IS BACK BABY!
4) LION BABE – “Rockets Feat. Moe Moks” Single
We all love LION BABE! The sound is sultry and seductive but packed with swag. Really it’s hard not to love. This song just made me feel like they are about to come out with some fire. Definitely will be on my playlist all summer!
5) Shakey Graves – “Family and Genus” – And The War Came 
Shakey Graves ends up back in rotation for me at least once a month, at heart I’m such a sucker for that blues/folk/rock sound, there is so much story telling alive in it. This song in particular I love because it’s so different than the rest of the album and his music in general, it almost has a more digital sound, but still provokes the same raw imagery and feeling. Fun fact: the recordings you hear at the end of the song (and beginning of the album) are off a tape recorder from the 50’s that he found, the voices of two high-school – soundings of girls gossiping to each other.