Hope is the newest member to the SIA team, she’s contributed to our blog before and is now helping coordinate our street team! We’re stoked to have her and happy to present her additions to our Sounds Of Souls Spotify playlist. Enjoy!


Frank Ocean “Pyramids” (2012) 

There are not many words to describe Frank Ocean. In my opinion, he is one of the best artists in the game. After his small hiatus, he made a killer come-back with his album Blonde last year. It may be slightly aggressive to have him on my top five list twice but Pyramids is one of those songs I put on and it can play on repeat without a glance. Since the release of “Slide” with Calvin Harris and Migos (also on my list) I have had the two songs on the same playlist. Combine his sultry voice with that beat and Pyramids has got me feeling a good type of way.



The Good Husbands “Wheels Fall Off” (2015) 

“Wheels Fall Off” was introduced to me in a playlist that I share with a few other friends. Similar the Souls in Action playlist, we all add songs and it has opened my eyes to various artists that I had never even heard of. The Good Husbands hail from Washington and have a similar vibe to Outkast with some indie beats mixed in and while their other songs are amazing, “Wheels Fall Off” is one of my favorite.




Marian Hill “Down” (2017) 

I find myself putting on “Down” by Marian Hill whenever I first turn on my playlist in the morning. On any given day, the singer has made her rounds by the time I am getting ready to leave for the day. She has become one of my favorite singer/ songwriters so far and even though “Down” has become a radio hit in Denver and elsewhere, I think she will be an artist that will never fail to deliver. Marian Hill is known for her incredible voice and style of mixing blues, jazz, beats, and more.



Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, & Migos “Slide” (2017) 

I would be surprised if my roommates didn’t wear ear plugs just because they are tired of hearing this song. “Slide” is pure gold and I have yet to get tired of this jam. Although it is still fairly-new, I imagine it will be on my playlist all Summer. This is another one of those feel-good songs that I cannot turn off.





Chet Faker “Gold” (2014) 

It could be the way Chet Faker makes me reminisce about a past life, when I lived in Crested Butte and he was constantly on repeat but he is one artist that always makes his way into my rotation of songs. “Gold” is one of my all- time favorite songs and the reason it’s made its way onto the top is because of the feel-good vibes it provides. I don’t have to be in a certain mood to listen to Chet Faker. He can come on at the bar and people will dance and sing along, or he can come on mid road trip and no one will change the music.