Another day, another very R E A L set of nu disco tracks to light up your weekend you fortunate souls!

Last week I touched a bit on how we tend to fly over tracks only giving them a hand full of listens before moving on. While we may miss some of the depths of music appreciation from days-gone-by, I don’t believe that this is an entirely dystopian state of music. Years ago I still remember a friend of mine saying “I want to listen to music, something I’ve never heard before, but something really awesome.” While a request like this seems laughably outlandish and vague, it seems as though we’re coming closer to living in a constant state of this idyllic reality. Quality new tracks from genres across the spectrum pour through our feeds every day, and that’s not something we should take lightly. It’s something we should relish each and every day.

And what better way to do that than pump your Friday full of fresh, nu disco goodies? I can’t think of one, so let’s dive in!

  •  Snagging the headline this week are the unstoppable Bixel Boys with their take on Le Youth’s ‘R E A L’. This track is exactly that, 100% real. Between this track and their Theophilus London remix we’re beginning to see a strong style developing for these cats that almost feels like a new genre of it’s own. We’ll call it ‘Big Steppin’ Disco House’ because I like genres to be as convoluted as possible.
  • Not to be outshone this week, Luke Million is coming in hot. His remix of the uplifting ‘Dance The Way I Feel’ will not quit until you’re absolutely hamming it up on the dance floor. Echoing, harmonic vocals provide the perfect topping for Million’s exquisitely crafted walking bass and two-steppin’ synth lines.
  • Coming in on the poppy side of life this week, surprisingly, is Keljet with their remix of Oliver Helden’s ‘Last All Night’. For a group that has made indie dane their bread and salt it’s actually nice to see something that’s a little more mainstream oriented. Let’s just hope they can translate it into a big tour here stateside.
  • Speaking of thing’s it’s great to see, I’m stoked to see SNBRN really diving into originals. ‘Raindrops’ is that type of track that’ll really help a new artist make their mark on the scene. Yes, we fell in love with his remixes, but getting the BRNT jams straight from the source just feels so much better. Oh, and not to mention that this one’s an absolute dance floor crusher.
  • A little outside of the disco realm, Mord Fustang had a huge week. His full-length album ‘9999 in 1’ is a breath of fresh air in the world of electro. First off, I love seeing full length releases in a genre that’s so dominated by one-offs. Secondly Mord is clearly exploring the possibilities of bringing his sound to applications outside of crazy dance floors, and is achieving a solid level of success. That said the stand out track ‘Drivel’ was built to crush, and reminds us of the good Mord of old.
  • I was pleasantly surprised hearing Roisto for the first time last week, so I was naturally very excited to see that their track ‘I’m Who You Need’ got a rerub from TJH87 this morning. As usual these guys bring in big sound and while preserving classic funk lines add enough meat to set off any club.
  • The artist collective L’ordre is a little tough to get a handle on (surprise french musicians, being secretive). But what’s no secret is that the release ‘Fangs’ has some serious teeth. It’s subtle and walking, with enough french disco sound to satisfy even the staunchest funk-aholic.
  • Let’s dial it back to chill. The Him is always happy to oblige in this department. His remix of ‘Miradors’ is a prime example of remix serendipity. The Him clearly saw a great thing and jumped at his chance to set off the echoing vocals of Solomon Grey, with his impeccable production.
  • From the world of indie dance, you know I love to throw shout-outs to the boys of Carousel. Their remix of ’40 Watt’ actually harks back to old tunes from The M Machine. Sweeping synths offset with echoing vocals make for a track ready to help you drift off after a long night.
  • Finally, I had to throw one in from the future legend. Pat Lok has a full head of steam and wants everyone to hop aboard the Lokomotoive. With soulful vocals, glittery synths and a hook like this I don’t think we’re like to have any problems with that.

That about wraps it up this week, thanks again for tuning in. As always I’ll be back next week with more disco jams to funk up your weekend, but if you don’t want to wait that long just follow me on SoundCloud and you can mainline that delicious disco juice. Happy Friday!

“Disco deserved a better name, a beautiful name because it was a beautiful art form.” -Barry White