Welcome back to another edition of That New Nu! Thanks so much for stopping by. As seems to be the annual cycle production schedules have been ramped up with June just around the corner and we’re on the verge of some seriously fun releases from all over the world of nu disco. This week was no slouch either, I really had to pare things down to not overwhelm you guys this week. Let’s dive in!

• French funk fans rejoice! Moi Je  of Lyons with has been stirring things up for a while now but few releases have felt as quintessentially funky as his latest EP ‘Veux Bien’.  The hit track is called ‘Respire’ and oozes smooth-vibed guitar licks, and rich vocal work. Oddly enough, the only thing that’s not French about this track are the lyics.

Few releases have felt as quintessentially funky as his latest EP ‘Veux Bien’.

• Prior to this week I’d never heard of either Shaun Frank or co-conspirator Vanrip. But they’ve teamed up for the creation of this smasher ‘All About’. It’s right on that line of big room house that means it’s going to be used in one scenario, topping off heavy deep house sets. That being said, with full-bodied production and a show stopping bass line, people will lose it when this track makes appearances in clubs over the weekend.

• Marvin Gaye has received a ton of remix attention lately, and with good reason soulful vocals provide the perfect fodder for today’s nu disco artists to take as stab at bringing in some more antiquated flavor to their productions. So it was only a matter of time before the meteoric SNBRN took a swing. His rerub of  ‘Sexual Healing’ stands unique in it’s incredibly limited sample use. He let’s the deep tropical sound that he’s becoming known for speak for itself, and you’ve got to appreciate that.

• Ever high quality, Oliver Nelson is at it again this time with a little vocal help from Heir on his latest original ‘Found Your Love’. It’s Oliver Nelson the way he’s meant to be heard, bristling with harmonic synths, meticulously executed vocal work, and a chorus that’s sure to have us all psyched that it’s Friday.

• By the time you’re as big as The Knocks you’d expect the days of bootlegging tracks to be done. I’m not sure what happened with the decision to take a stab at Future Island’s ‘Haunted By You’, but I sure as hell am happy with the result. It serves to remind us that The Knocks have depth from showstoppers to deep and soulful. This track lives on the chilled end of the spectrum to be sure, but will be just as happy at the pool as at the after party.

• Another big name in French funk hit us with a new original this week, Jean Tonique with ‘Tuxedo’ brings in a more traditional feel with big piano lines. If a track like this doesn’t make you want to bust out some classic disco moves, well, there may be no help for you.

• Super-unknown Attom came out with a gorgeous remix of Odesza’s ‘White Lies’ recently and flew onto my radar just like that. He’s by no means the first fresh face in disco to hop on the Odesza remix train (looking at you I.O.X) but we’ve really seen some quality coming out of these mixes and I can’t wait to see more from Attom.

The re-release of his classic ‘Embrace’ is surely one to get people talking with the sultry vocals of George Maple added in

•  Goldroom is gearing up for a full length release and has been putting out new tracks everyday. The re-release of his classic ‘Embrace’ is surely one to get people talking with the sultry vocals of George Maple added in. Apparently they co-wrote the track originally and have now brought it full circle with a co-production of the track. It’s a nice divergence from the original and marks what’s sure to be one of the best albums of the year.


Thanks for tuning in, for those of you in the mile high hopefully these sunny tunes keep things upbeat in the rain. Keep in mind that these tracks are just a selection of the smattering that I repost to my SoundCloud every week for you to enjoy. So follow along and we can keep dancing all week long. Happy Friday!