By, Mike Harris

With its mellow beats and equally clever wordplay “Noble Nomads” by BackseaTherapy is the quintessential end of summer album that’s sure to have your neck snapping in no time. The lush instrumentals found throughout courtesy of DJ Redhanded create a groovy hip-hop canvas for Bouxku Jones to play with. The end result is an album that will have you smashing the repeat button for days on end.

Standout tracks like “Game Laced Tight” and “Give It Up” give the project both a classic downtown Denver vibe but also an entirely transcendental feel all at the same time. With its massive crossover potential and universal appeal this project seems to be just the beginning for the dynamic duo. While we eagerly await to see what the future holds for these two I’d suggest grabbing the aux cord nearest you and adjusting your speakers accordingly and help support some of the most dynamic artists that the city has to offer.

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