By: Makaela Bamonti

UNFOLD Music​ is a Colorado Based hip-hop electronic project consisting of Aaron Thompson and Zach Gendill. The two have been on the grind for years now, grasping onto all the opportunities presented to them and collaborating alongside other musicians like The Party People and Maddy O’Neal, among many others who are apart of the dedicated and ever expanding Denver EDM scene.

While it can be hard to make your sound unique in today’s electronically synth-filled world, Unfold remains steadfast in their pursuit to keep sounding different using keys and guitar to fill their vibrations.

In their debut EP, S​ounds Fro​m The Dojo, out today on ​SoundCloud,​ you’ll find yourself one minute dancing to a song that could be used in an India Bollywood film celebration to singing along with catchy vinyl samples intertwined diligently behind scratchy r​rhythmic notes, and the next feeling your soul be filled with horns, hip-hop, and glitchy beats.

The album is being released by The Mile High Sound Movement‘s label, “MHSM Records” after adding UNFOLD to their musical family late in 2016. Unfold featured their first track with MHSM on their Mile High Meltdown Compilation vol.3, released last month.

UNFOLD has their obvious influences inside the music scene, but they stand in their corner powerfully, continuously proving their desire to bring blues and jazz eloquently into intricate bass music.

The first track on Sounds From The Dojo, “Hey Ma” sounds straight out of a Bollywood dance number mixed with a high-pitched snare, fluctuating between tambourine and what sounds like an electrified mandolin throughout.

The second track brings us into a hard-hitting collaboration with Ronnie Weberg from Unlimited Gravity called “Monkey Business”. The two mix both of their sounds quite literally bringing heavy dub influences from Unlimited Gravity to a breakdown beat that sounds effervescent and then back again, causing you to want to truly monkey around while dancing to this track.

“Daily Operation” has a fierce style and beat with a hustle-and-flow type of feel, scribbling “it’s a daily operation” nonstop riff that will easily be stuck in your head all day. If you didn’t feel inspired to follow your dreams and work hard for what you want out of life, this song will be your motivator.
The fourth track on the EP, “Turbulence”, takes you on a trip through the mind of a woman who confidently declares her independence with a looping playback of sounds that varies with synths and breaks. The beauty of her voice expressively balances the scratches and glitchy beats, hitting right in all the feels.

“Three Ways From Tomorrow” gives its listeners the sexy horns all ears subconsciously appreciate and are moved by. It then fades off into distinguishable pulsations and brings us down a bit with the horns always softly present in the background with the snare breaking them a part a bit. 

Lastly, to tie up Sounds From The Dojo, keys start us off in “Hanarete” and take us into an upbeat tempo staying true to its vivacious colors throughout the entire song.

Check out the full album here: